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You by Basil Valdez

"You" is a song by Filipino singer-songwriter Basil Valdez, released in 1979 on his self-titled album. The song is a ballad that features Valdez's emotive vocals and poignant lyrics.

The lyrics of "You" explore the theme of love and longing, with the narrator expressing their deep feelings for someone who is no longer in their life. The chorus, "You, you are the one I've been waiting for / You, you are the one I've been dreaming of / You, you are the one I've been living for / You, you are the one I'm loving now," reflects the narrator's deep feelings for their partner and their desire to be with them again.

Musically, "You" features a simple, yet powerful, arrangement, with Valdez's emotive vocals taking center stage. The song's melody is catchy and memorable, with a piano accompaniment adding depth and emotion to the lyrics.

"You" has become one of Basil Valdez's most popular and enduring songs, and has been covered by numerous artists over the years. It remains a fan favorite and a staple of Valdez's live performances.

In summary, "You" is a beautiful and emotive ballad that explores the theme of love and longing. Its simple, yet powerful, arrangement and poignant lyrics, combined with Basil Valdez's emotive vocals, make it a memorable and enduring track.
You by Basil Valdez

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