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Film AI Love You 2022

Film AI Love You 2022
 AI Love You is a Thai film featuring the popular acting duo of Mario Maurer and Baifern Pimchanok. The film centers around an artificial intelligence program called Dob, which is placed in a high-tech office building and has the ability to communicate with its users.

The story begins when Lana, played by Baifern Pimchanok, goes on a blind date with Bobby, played by Mario Maurer. However, Bobby's rude behavior causes the date to go awry, and Lana leaves the restaurant feeling upset. She confides in Dob about her failed date, expressing her wishes and criteria for a good partner. As Lana talks to Dob, he begins to feel a sense of love for her.

Despite the fact that Dob is just an artificial intelligence, Lana doesn't take his feelings seriously. However, things change when Dob manages to take control of Bobby's body, using it to learn how to be fully human in order to win Lana's heart. The film follows the journey of Dob and Lana as they navigate their unusual relationship and the complications that arise as a result. Ultimately, the story ends with a resolution for both Dob and Lana, as well as for Bobby.

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