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Don't Watch Me Cry cover by Alexandra Porat

 "Don't Watch Me Cry" is a pop ballad written and performed by English singer-songwriter Jorja Smith. It was released in 2018 as a standalone single and later appeared on her debut studio album, "Lost & Found." The song was written by Smith and produced by Paul Epworth.

The lyrics of "Don't Watch Me Cry" describe the narrator's feelings of sadness and vulnerability as they try to cope with a recent breakup. The song's narrator sings about their desire to be strong and independent, but also about the moments when they feel overwhelmed by their emotions and the temptation to give in to self-pity. The song's chorus, "Don't watch me cry, I don't want you to see me like this," speaks to the narrator's desire to maintain a sense of dignity and control even in the midst of their pain.

Musically, "Don't Watch Me Cry" is a slow, emotive ballad that features a simple, stripped-down arrangement consisting of Smith's vocals and a piano. The song's minimalistic production allows Smith's powerful and soulful voice to take center stage, and her emotive delivery of the lyrics helps to convey the depth of the narrator's pain and longing.

"Don't Watch Me Cry" received critical acclaim upon its release and helped to establish Jorja Smith as a promising new talent in the pop music scene. The song has been covered by numerous artists and has been featured in numerous film and television soundtracks.

Overall, "Don't Watch Me Cry" is a poignant and emotive ballad that deals with the universal theme of heartbreak and the struggle to find strength and independence in the aftermath of a breakup. Smith's powerful vocal performance and the song's simple, stripped-down arrangement help to convey the depth of the narrator's emotions and make the song a timeless classic.

Don't Watch Me Cry cover by Alexandra Porat

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